The Future of Career Management Systems

Handshake was built to bring career management systems into the network era. Say goodbye to clunky systems and annoying add-ons and say hello to Handshake.

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Meet your students where they are.

Students today are often digitally native. They expect mobile-first experiences and career development is no exception.

Handshake empowers universities to meet students where they are with native iOS and Android applications. Students love Handshake's mobile experiences, which average 5 Stars in the App Store.

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Love It

Handshake has made my job hunting experience 10x easier. Thank you, Handshake!

Careers are Personal. Handshake is Personalised.

Handshake uses advanced machine learning technology to help students discover opportunities based on their interests and activity on the system.

Career Management Meets Early Career Network

Handshake gives employers a single platform to manage their university recruiting. Employers can centrally manage vacancies, events, career fair registrations, applications, branding, and more - for free on Handshake.

The result: universities see a 300% increase in opportunities available to their students during their first year on Handshake.

Students learn from their peers and build their first professional network. From peer to peer messaging to Q&A and Reviews, Handshake helps students build social capital regardless of where they're starting from.

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It's All Included

Everything you need to run a world-class career centre is included with Handshake.
No confusing modules or complicated pricing. Here are just a few of the things you get when you switch to Handshake...

Payments & Invoicing
Resource Library
Industry Leading Security
Single Sign On
Social Sharing & Marketing
Unlimited Storage
Data Visualisation
Application Tracking
Outcome Tracking
Email Marketing
Placement Tracking
Event Management
Industry Leading Support
Employer Network
Peer to Peer Learning
Personalised Experience
Appointment Scheduling

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