Career Management Meets Early Career Network

Handshake combines a sophisticated career management platform with the benefits of an early career network. The results speak for themselves. In just five years, Handshake has grown to support over 900 universities, 500k employers, and 17M students.
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 Why switch to Handshake?

Handshake is the most powerful career management platform on the market. You’ll save staff time, engage more students, increase access to opportunities, and much, much more.

Engage more students

Personalisation and mobile first experiences come together to create a magical experience for every student.

The average university sees a 60% increase in digital engagement, when compared to their legacy system year before switching to Handshake.

Learn more about how Handshake uses data to create a personalized experience.

More opportunities for your students

‍Handshake removes separate convoluted systems and gives employers a single place to post their opportunities. They can share to 1, 5, or 900 universities for free. By making it easier for companies to connect with your students, the average university sees 3-4x the number of opportunities available to their students after switching to Handshake.

Powerful tools your team will love

Technology is supposed to empower your team, not slow things down. We’ve built powerful tools to support everything your team does.
Events, fairs, relationship management, appointments, surveys, outcome collection, advanced reporting, and so much more are all built in. Best of all, there are no modules. It’s all included.

Virtual Fairs

Integrated into the Handshake platform is a native virtual career fair platform. Live 1:1 video conversations and group sessions create authentic connections at scale. Click here to find out how to get the most out of your virtual fairs.

Industry Leading Security and Data Protection

Handshake takes security and data protection incredibly seriously. Our data is stored in the UK and processed within the EU. Our contract has been vetted by some of the most sensitive universities in the UK. Our Privacy Policy is written in plain English and we encourage you to read it.

Don’t take our word for it though. Handshake has been assessed by JISC, and you can find their report here.

900 universities later, we can assure you switching isn’t as hard as you think.

Handshake has helped over 900 universities switch systems. In peak years, we launched 300 universities per summer. We’ve designed the entire process to be seamless and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Stories from our university partners

Handshake is changing the way students, employers, and universities connect. Hear from some of our partners on the impact Handshake has had on their team.

University of Cambridge
They’ve been a tremendously valuable partner. Support, positive influence, encouragement, reliability, all of all of those words can genuinely be applied to the Handshake team.-

David Ainscough, Deputy Director, University of Cambridge Careers Service.

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