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Why I joined Handshake

Until recently, Clare Adams was the Careers and Employability service manager at the University of Westminster. Today, she's leading Handshake's efforts to deliver industry leading university partnerships. In this post you'll learn why Clare joined the Handshake team and why she's excited for the impact it will have in the UK.
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Personalisation at Scale: The Future of Careers Services 

Data isn’t going away, but it is disrupting entire industries that have been hesitant to embrace the power of networks and data (Taxis → Ridesharing). As universities are asked to do more with fewer resources, systems that can use data to drive efficiencies will become essential. 
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How can we level the playing field for students without a network?

The word 'networking' can either evoke feelings of excitement or dread - but people will acknowledge that a strong network is key to successful career development. It might bring an opportunity that we didn't know about. A helping hand into a first job or work experience. A perspective-changing piece of advice from someone we trust.
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2019 Campus to Career Report: Looking at the Similarities and Difference in Early Careers Across the Pond

For the past six months, I've been exploring how Handshake's mission of democratising opportunity fits into the early career ecosystem in the United Kingdom. I've been struck by how similar the challenges facing U.K. universities, employers and students are to those we experienced in the US when we were starting Handshake. Some key differences do exist where the U.K. is well ahead of what we are seeing in the US. This report provides a great foundation to reflect on these trends.
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The Future of University Recruiting: Key Learnings from our London Event

In June the Handshake team hosted the Future of University Recruiting event which brought together leaders at universities and employers, along with students, to explore the future of our sector. The day opened with a panel discussion of the challenges facing UK universities and employers. These foundational panels featured perspectives from the University of Liverpool, GradConsult, Universities UK, SkyScanner, Clifford Chance, Google, and Transform Society and helped define the landscape for the design thinking workshop in the afternoon. In this post, we'll explore the key takeaways from the day and how Handshake sees the future.
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Rethinking outcomes collection in the context of Graduate Outcomes

With the first season of graduate outcomes upon us, Universities are being tasked with collecting and sharing contact information on students who graduated over a year ago. Today, more than ever, it's important that universities know where graduates are well ahead of the Graduate Outcomes survey. Handshake's first destination survey tool is here to help.
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Three Careers Service Success Stories from across Europe

Learning, sharing and collaboration are some of the great perks of working within higher education. So, when invited to spend two days in Belgium with careers teams from 23 international universities at the Global Careers Services Summit, we jumped at the chance. Here are some highlights and best practices we took away from three of Europe’s successful careers services teams.
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Why most Careers Practitioners are Yellow

It’s 2030, and the world is yellow. In this brave new yellow world, people value meaning. Humans come first, and creativity is prized. Fairness, ethics and social good are core values of the yellow people who live here. Unlike a blue world, where company comes first and pressure to perform is unrelenting, yellow workers take a more people-centred approach to their jobs. 
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Careers and Employability on the Edtech Podcast

Find out why a group of engineering students studying in "the middle of nowhere" at Michigan Tech University decided to create Handshake, how Handshake has revolutionised university career centre management and why access to opportunity for all students is key.
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'My Best Careers Advice' from 10 Careers Practitioners

We asked careers practitioners across the UK to share the very best advice they have ever given or received. The responses ranged from practical to motivational to aspirational. Here are 10 of our favourites:
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