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Peer to Peer on Handshake

A short overview of how students can create and share content with each other on Handshake

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Career Fair Analytics on Handshake

A 3 minute look into how Handshake's reporting tool can easily help you analyse the impact of the events you are hosting.

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Targeted Emails on Handshake

Learn about Handshake's targeted emailing tool: useful for communications with students, alumni, employers, faculty, or any other contacts you need to be in conversation with.

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Data and Reporting with Handshake Insights

Learn about Handshake Insights - the industry leading career services data platform. Our powerful reporting tools make it easy to access any of the data moving through your system. With just a few clicks you can create beautiful visualisations to share with your stakeholders.

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Outcome Tracking in Handshake

Handshake is a modern career management platform designed to empower careers teams to engage their students from enrollment to alumni. Our first destination tool makes it easier than ever to ensure every student gets a positive outcome.

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Student Engagement and Reporting (Long Form Video)

Learn why Handshake leads the industry in student engagement in this overview. You'll also learn about Handshake Insights - the most powerful reporting tool available to career teams. Topics include the Handshake network, email campaigns, first destination, and reporting.

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Handshake's Mobile App

Handshake is a modern and mobile approach to career management. Students today expect to be able to manage their entire life from the palm of their hand and their careers are no different. Handshake's native iOS and Android applications empower career centres to engage with students where ever they may be.

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Managing Employer Relations with Handshake

The average university that switches to Handshake sees a 300% increase in opportunities available to their students. The Handshake network is transforming how university recruitment is done. In this video you'll learn how Handshake helps supercharge the work of employer relations teams. From career fairs to a CRM, Handshake has it all.

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Careers Advising in Handshake

Handshake gives students the freedom to book, view, and manage appointments from anywhere. Advisors can better manage their busy schedules with built-in reminders, calendar integrations, and notes. See how Handshake combines a world-class appointment management system with technology that empowers universities to engage every student.

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