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Handshake powers universities of all shapes and sizes. Its networked approach to connecting students, employers, and universities have enabled universities to supercharge student engagement while connecting students to opportunities they never would've had access to before Handshake.

Employers use Handshake to reposition their university recruitment process from reactive (post a position, pray the right person applies) to proactive outreach and engagement.

The University of California Berkeley

“What Handshake give us is a great platform that allows students and employers to connect with one another. But we are very much an integrated part of the entire process” 

 Tom Devlin, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Career Centre


The University of California, Berkeley has a student population of over 40,000 and offer over 350 degree programmes. 

Tom Devlin, Executive Director at the Career Centre, had been in post for 18 years and was looking for a platform both ‘simple’ and ‘dynamic’ to meet the needs of the student body. He wanted to make sure that students were ‘at the greatest advantage ... with cutting edge technology’

Dara Ziegelmeier, Associate Director for Employer Relations explains that the team needed a way to “make it easier for employers to find qualified students and for students to find job opportunities that were a good fit.”

Switching to Handshake

From experience, Tom Devlin knew that university systems changes do not always run smoothly. But the process of switching to Handshake, he says, was both fast and straightforward. 

The implementation process was ‘simple’ and the career team benefitted from ‘fun’ training sessions provided by the Handshake team. They enjoyed a ‘highly personalised’ customer service experience and felt that Handshake ‘paid particular attention to what our particular needs were’.

UC Berkeley joined the Handshake community in 2016. 

The Result 

U.C. Berkeley say Handshake is flexible, interactive and ‘able to do a lot of things that our old system was not able to do’.  It’s ‘a career platform for the future’ says one team member. 

The team now share, collaborate and communicate more effectively than ever. Those who commute longer distances to work say they enjoy the convenience of using Handshake from a mobile phone.

Students, in turn, find Handshake intuitive and ‘easy to figure out’, which means they can ‘get to bigger picture questions’ faster. 

‘Our system works well for Berkeley because our students want open communication, fast response time and a system that’s intuitive’ says  Benjamin Warner, Assistant Director of Employer Relations. ‘This platform operates like no other’.

Arizona State University

‘We needed to make sure we were meeting students where they were in terms of use of technology’ 

Cindy Parnell, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development Services


Arizona State University is a large university with multiple career centres that the team describe as ‘complex’. They decided to investigate new systems because the ‘students should not have to navigate that structure’. 

Cindy Parnell, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development Services and her team reviewed a large number of systems before choosing Handshake. 

Data-informed decisions  

Using Handshake, Cindy is now ‘able to go to a dean of a college and easily showcase engagement of a student’ by course, phase of study or even alumni. These ‘critical pieces of data’ then help to drive university strategy around the creation of resources, services and programmes. 

‘Handshake has given the opportunity to reinvent the way we work together’ says one team member.

The Result 

Handshake’s impact has been widely felt at Arizona State. It has improved areas such as marketing & communications strategy, partnerships with academic departments and relationships with employers.

‘We’ve seen a tremendous growth in employers choosing to recruit at ASU now because of the ease of technology that Handshake delivers’ says Cindy Parnell.

In another positive development, the team have noticed employers ‘casting more of an open net’ and extending their interest to students of subjects like Education and Humanities.

‘Handshake is an amazing tool for students’ says one team member. ‘It allows an infrastructure for people to really shine and stand out’ adds another. 

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